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We are a professional retaining wall contractor serving Atlanta, Georgia and the north metro area. We specialize in retaining wall replacement and the engineering, design and construction of new retaining walls to stop soil erosion due to drainage problems and to create functional spaces for a more enjoyable outdoor lifestyle.

Retaining Wall Replacement

example of retaining wall that needs replacement

Retaining walls that have shifted out of alignment or are leaning or bulging should be replaced as soon as possible. Retaining wall replacement is also needed when timber or cross-tie retaining walls begin to delaminate.

cross tie retaining wall replacement
retaining wall replacement

Retaining wall replacement may sound simple, but there are very good reasons why you must complete the same paperwork and regulatory compliance procedures as you do with new retaining wall construction. Contractors who build replacement retaining walls must produce an up-to-date survey including elevations and a site plan that shows the precise location of the existing and the replacement retaining wall. Engineering plans show the measurements and exact calculations of the replacement retaining wall.

In most cases, engineering, HOA approval and building permits are required for retaining wall replacement.

New Retaining Walls

As we employ structural and civil engineers, landscape architects, experienced project managers and professional grading and excavation crews, you may be assured that your new retaining wall, big or small, will be undertaken by the appropriate and seasoned personnel. Every new retaining wall we build begins with a site plan on a topographical survey with engineered solutions for soil erosion and an effective drainage management system.

As with retaining wall replacement projects, new retaining wall construction also requires HOA approval, a building permit and engineering plans. Site visits by our engineer as well as the city or county engineer are necessary for new retaining wall projects. Our in-house regulation compliance team will obtain and complete the paperwork in the proper sequence to ensure approvals by the HOA, city or county and the Army Core of Engineers when building occurs within their province.

Block Retaining Walls vs Masonry Retaining Walls

When engineered and built correctly, both modular block and concrete masonry retaining walls give property owners a very stable and long-lasting earth retention solution.

modular block retaining wall
concrete masonry with stacked stone wrap
Modular block retaining walls cost less to build but are less attractive than concrete masonry retaining walls.

The appearance of modular block retaining walls will worsen over time and frequently leaves people wishing they had spent the difference to get the much better-looking concrete masonry retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Materials

The most common materials for retaining wall replacement in Georgia are Allen or modular block, concrete masonry, poured concrete and timber. However, many Georgia cities, counties and HOA’s no longer permit retaining walls to be replaced with landscape timber for walls over four feet in height. The use of retaining wall block and poured concrete has also been banned by upscale HOA’s if the retaining wall is visible from the street. In those cases, we build an engineered concrete masonry retaining wall also known as a CMU (concrete masonry unit) wall.

Modular block retaining walls are less expensive to build, but they do not age as well as concrete masonry retaining walls. Modular block retaining walls can easily effervesce and stain, which can have a negative impact on the value of your home.

For instance, you may choose to wrap your new concrete masonry wall in stucco, or stacked stone, brick or even tile. Stucco can be applied in several styles and in any paint color. Stacked stone comes in both real and synthetic stone and may be applied to match or create any pattern. Brick comes in hundreds of colors and may also be custom made to your specifications.

While modular block walls are limited to a beveled and straight face with solid colors and a only few patterns, concrete masonry wall choices are virtually unlimited.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why homeowners choose Wall Craft to build new and replacement retaining walls. For some, it is our peerless reputation, others are attracted to our industry expertise. But everyone agrees that our ability to correctly and efficiently process the paperwork and applications to obtain approvals required by HOA’s, city halls and county courthouses, when other retaining wall companies simply can not, is a great reason to choose Retaining Wall Craft of Atlanta.

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