Concrete Masonry Retaining Walls

When engineered and built correctly, concrete masonry retaining walls are the most attractive, longest lasting and also the strongest solution for both new retaining wall construction and cross-tie retaining wall replacement. Concrete masonry walls are used for many applications from stopping soil erosion to foundation fortification.

concrete masonry retaining wall

The concrete masonry retaining walls we build are engineered with poured concrete footings underground with rebar which extends throughout the entire structure.

The rebar travels through the cinder blocks from the footing to the caps, and are also filled with poured concrete to form a solid structure which will remain fixed for decades.

Every concrete masonry retaining wall we build is engineered per city or county regulation.

Concrete masonry retaining walls cost twenty to thirty percent more than those made with modular blocks. However, the additional value and beauty concrete masonry retaining walls will also return more on your investment than traditional modular block retaining walls.