Soil Erosion and Drainage Problems

Soil erosion occurs when inadequate drainage allows rainwater to wear away the topsoil. Soil erosion is an ongoing problem throughout Georgia where building regulations failed to incorporate adequate drainage systems. Property with too steep a slope and a lack of structure to support the soil will also exacerbate soil erosion.

example of soil erosion

Every retaining wall we build includes an engineer’s plan and incorporates a comprehensive water management system. Our view of drainage comprises the entire property, not simply above and below the retaining wall. Whether rainwater is streaming down from an adjacent property or the downspouts from your gutter, we ensure that every source of water is directed appropriately.

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Drainage problems can cause voids underneath your foundation and driveway. Clues that reveal you have drainage problems include cracks in your driveway, garage and basement floor and walls. Drainage problems will inevitably have disastrous consequences should you fail to remedy them.

solutions to stop soil erosion