Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why homeowners choose Wall Craft to build new and replacement retaining walls. For some, it is our peerless reputation, others are attracted to our industry expertise. But everyone agrees that our ability to correctly and efficiently process the paperwork and applications to obtain approvals required by HOA’s, city halls and county courthouses, when other retaining wall companies simply can not, is a great reason to choose Retaining Wall Craft of Atlanta.

No one ever hires Wall Craft is to get the cheapest price! Fortunately, informed property owners recognize the value of hiring well-trained, experienced crews with the correct documentation, equipment certification, communication skills and insurance.

Consider the long-term costs and consequences of hiring the lowest-priced retaining wall contractors. Even if you manage to avoid the fines and penalties imposed for failure to comply with local retaining wall building codes and regulations, the end result is far from a job well-done!

Retaining wall builders who convince you that engineering plans and building permits are not necessary will cut even more corners during construction. Poor building techniques increase the likelihood of retaining wall failure ten-fold.

Avoid costly disasters by choosing a licensed and insured retaining wall contractor who follows the law and the codes and regulations that were put in place to protect you, the consumer. Conduct your due diligence zealously on each contractor and be sure to speak with their references.